PSI Network, Inc. was founded by Steve Olsen in 1993 after having served as vice president of sales and vice president of operations for Orange County-based Worldtel Communications.

At that time PSI had only three products: long distance, toll free (800) service and calling cards. As the first agency for UniDial Communications, PSI was UniDial’s largest master agency for eight years. PSI grew to over 20,000 customers with 350 reps in 38 states.

After 9/11 Steve recognized that two things had changed forever. The deregulation and ability to sell local dial tone and the increased difficulty in air travel. Since PSI resided in the second largest market in the country, Southern California, the focus shifted to business development in and around that area of the country.

PSI then sought out distribution in the PBX vendor market where both local dial tone and long distance network cost savings could support the purchase of a phone system. More network carriers were added to PSI’s portfolio which now totals over 30.

In the mid 1990’s the internet’s use in business along with other network data products rounded out PSI’s offering of business network services. Since the economy was in a growth mode, demand for business expansion was supported by PSI’s suite of voice and data products and what was to become its most unique characteristic, its back room.

Since PBX vendors were the primary source of sales leads, this necessitated a robust support infrastructure on PSI’s part. Today, the quoting, engineering, sales support, project management and ongoing support of customers is PSI’s most recognizable differentiator.

When the economy entered a downturn in 2006, PSI faced a very common request from new potential customers: Provide exactly what the customer had for less or provide more than the customer had without raising the price. In 50% of the cases since 2006 PSI has been able to expand services for customer while reducing the price.

In 2012 a new chapter opened for PSI enabling it to provide a variety of new cost cutting business services. This includes LED lighting, bulk buying contracts for office supplies, business insurance, waste management, shipping, printing, etc.

The introduction of the cloud was also vigorously embraced by PSI. Cloud PBX and data services are now a huge part of PSI’s business service products.

In all products, PSI’s back room continues to assure accurate pricing, engineering, implementation and account management for its expanded portfolio of business services.